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Top 10 VPN Services For 2024

HideMyAss Review

Very Good

Our verdict:
They say you have 3 seconds to make a good first impression. HideMyAss! wins with the name and goes on to impress with an excellent service, a friendly interface, and kick ass speeds.

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HideMyAss (HMA VPN) is a reputable VPN tool that provides strong security features. It utilizes high-level encryption, boasts an extensive server network, and supports torrenting. Additionally, its no-logs policy has undergone independent auditing. Regrettably, HMA does not offer the WireGuard tunneling protocol and experiences inconsistent speeds while struggling with most streaming services. Formerly known as HideMyAss, HMA VPN has gained widespread recognition in the VPN industry – not only due to its playful nature. However, it is important to note that top-tier VPNs like NordVPN offer significantly higher speed retention rates, incorporate secure tunneling protocols, and allow for streaming geo-blocked content.

If you’re interested in learning more about HMA VPN, continue reading to determine if it provides value for your investment. This review of HMA VPN will examine its speed, streaming capabilities, and security features to assess whether it merits inclusion on our list of the top VPNs in the near future.

Unique Advantages

• User Friendly Interface
• Limitless Server Locations
• Above Average Speeds

HideMyAss Specifications & Price

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank: #1 out of #42 #32 out of #42
🖥️ Servers: 5,900 + servers in 60 countries 1,080 + servers in 210 countries
📖 No logs policy: No logs No logs
💵 Price: From $2.99/month From $2.99/month
🔥 Coupons: NordVPN coupon 69% OFF
🔒 VPN protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, WireGuard (NordLynx) OpenVPN and IPsec
🍿 Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more Youtube
🖥️ Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
📥 Simultaneous connections: 6 5
💁🏻 Support: Knowledge base, FAQs, email, 24/7 live chat Knowledge base, tickets, live chat

Company Background

The service was first created in 2005 by sixteen-year-old Jack Cator of Norfolk, England, as a workaround to the restrictions his school’s network placed on games and music. Using open source code, he created the program in just a few hours. From there, he promoted the tool on various forums and it was eventually featured on the front page of Digg. By 2014, the service had attracted more than 10 million users. By 2015, it became one of the largest VPN providers in the world. Later that same year, it was acquired by AVG technologies for a sum of $40 million, after which it became part of Avast.

Server Locations

HMA boasts an extensive network of server locations that is too vast to enumerate. In summary, they have a staggering 940 servers spread across more than 280 locations in over 190 countries worldwide. Therefore, it is highly probable that you will be able to locate a server in any desired location.


HMA version 4.0 introduces several new features.

IP Shuffle. By using this feature, you have the ability to configure HideMyAss! to randomly rotate its IP address. There are endless possibilities for you to choose from, such as changing the address on a daily basis, hourly basis, or every 12 hours – whatever suits your preference. The act of randomizing and consistently switching IP addresses effectively deceives trackers, as they are unable to keep up with your frequent changes. This is particularly advantageous when utilizing the extensive range of approximately 900 servers available worldwide.

Kill Switch. By utilizing the IP Shuffle mentioned earlier, this functionality offers an outstanding safeguard. Its purpose is to automatically disconnect your internet connection in the event that your VPN unexpectedly disconnects for any reason, such as when switching IP addresses. This additional level of security guarantees that you are never mistakenly led to believe that you are protected when you are not.

Redesigned Location Mode. This feature allows you to conveniently select and opt for your preferred server locations.

Trusted Networks. You have the ability to designate any network you have confidence in, allowing your VPN to understand that it does not require a connection.

Apart from the recent version update, HMA still utilizes different VPN protocols, which appear to be determined by the platform they are operating on. On Windows, HMA employs OpenVPN, widely regarded as the top protocol. However, this discrepancy seems to arise from limitations imposed by the platform rather than any decision made by HMA itself.

Additional Features

Although it is not an integral component of the main software, HMA has implemented complete server-side encryption within their infrastructure. All the drives responsible for powering HMA’s VPN servers are equipped with safeguards to prevent both physical theft and unauthorized manipulation of data.


HMA supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, it also provides support for compatible routers.

Browser Extensions

Regrettably, HMA lacks any browser extensions.

Game Consoles & Other Devices

HideMyAss! has built-in support for the following gaming consoles:

• Chromecast

• PlayStation

• Xbox

Note: Any consoles and devices that HMA does not support directly can still be supported by using a compatible router.

Ease of Use & Performance

The user interface is easy to use and straightforward, so you won’t encounter any problems there. When it comes to performance tests, there was minimal impact on latency and ping when connected to local servers. However, the results were not as good when connected to international servers, so you can expect a slight slowdown in those cases. In terms of download speed tests, the speeds are impressive and rank among the top. However, similar to other VPNs, there was a drop in speed when connected to international servers. It’s worth noting that this decrease in speed and performance is normal and can be expected with any VPN you choose to use.

Number of Licenses & Package Details

You can use a single HMA license to cover up to 5 devices, including both desktop and mobile devices. If your router is compatible, you also have the option to install HMA at the router level, which will protect your entire network. The HMA website provides a list of devices that are compatible with their service, as well as guides on how to install it. While HMA does not offer a free plan like some of their competitors, they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try it out before making a long-term commitment.

HMA offers three different plans: a 1-month plan, a 12-month plan, and a 24-month plan. It’s important to note that all plans are billed upfront and not on a monthly basis. The best value option is the 24-month plan, which costs $4.99 per month with a one-time payment of $119.76. Alternatively, you can choose the 1-month plan for $11.99 per month (the most expensive monthly option) or the 12-month plan for $6.99 per month with an upfront payment of $83.88.

Customer Support

The customer support service includes a range of resources such as how-to guides, FAQs, and a knowledge base. Additionally, there is a web forum and 24/7 live chat available. Although the forum is not very active, staff members are still available to answer questions. Rest assured that your queries will be addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

HideMyAss Server List by Continents

HideMyAss have 1000+ VPN servers, these servers are located in different continents, countries and cities. HideMyAss have VPN servers in following locations (continuously increasing).

  1. North America = 270 servers
  2. South America = 56 servers
  3. Europe = 283 servers
  4. Asia Pacific = 196 servers
  5. Africa = 124 servers
  6. Middle East = 39 servers

Full List of HideMyAss Servers

North America

There are 369 HideMyAss! servers across 59 locations in North America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Canada flag Canada 57 632
Canada Montreal 9 135
Canada Toronto 35 336
Canada Vancouver 13 161
Mexico flag Mexico Mexico City 4 52
United States flag United States Virtual 308 3106
United States Anchorage, AK Virtual 2 6
United States Ashburn, VA 3 42
United States Asheville, NC 7 50
United States Atlanta, GA 15 199
United States Baltimore, MD Virtual 2 6
United States Bath, ME Virtual 2 6
United States Bedford, NH Virtual 3 9
United States Billings, MT Virtual 3 9
United States Boston, MA 10 100
United States Cheyenne, WY Virtual 2 6
United States Chicago, IL 16 256
United States Columbia, SC Virtual 2 6
United States Columbus, OH 0 0
United States Dallas, TX 10 123
United States Des Moines, IA Virtual 4 12
United States Grand Forks, ND Virtual 3 9
United States Honolulu, HI 4 39
United States Idaho Falls, ID Virtual 3 9
United States Jackson, MS Virtual 2 6
United States Jacksonville, FL 6 90
United States Lansing, MI Virtual 2 6
United States Las Vegas, NV 8 94
United States Liberty Island, NY 2 29
United States Los Angeles, CA 15 210
United States Louisville, KY Virtual 4 12
United States Madison, WI 2 8
United States Magnolia, AR Virtual 3 9
United States Miami, FL 9 112
United States Montgomery, AL Virtual 4 22
United States Nashville, TN Virtual 2 6
United States New Orleans, LA Virtual 4 12
United States New York, NY 17 212
United States New York, NY Virtual (Canada) 2 6
United States New York, NY Virtual (France) 2 16
United States New York, NY Virtual (Germany) 4 22
United States New York, NY Virtual (United Kingdom) 4 22
United States Oklahoma City, OK 2 8
United States Omaha, NE Virtual 3 9
United States Philippi, WV Virtual 2 6
United States Phoenix, AZ 29 342
United States Portland, OR Virtual 3 9
United States Providence, RI Virtual 2 6
United States Rutland, VT Virtual 2 6
United States Saint Paul, MN Virtual 3 9
United States Salt Lake City, UT 7 62
United States San Jose, CA 11 142
United States Scranton, PA Virtual 2 6
United States Seattle, WA 24 334
United States Sioux Falls, SD Virtual 2 6
United States South Bend, IN 2 22
United States St Louis, MO 2 22
United States Trumbull, CT Virtual 3 19
United States Washington DC 21 302
United States Wichita, KS Virtual 3 9
United States Wilmington, DE Virtual 2 6


There are a very impressive 307 HMA servers in 63 locations in Europe.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Aland Islands flag Aland Islands Mariehamn Virtual 2 6
Albania flag Albania Tirana Virtual 2 6
Andorra flag Andorra Andorra la Vella Virtual 2 6
Austria flag Austria Vienna 13 143
Belarus flag Belarus Minsk Virtual 2 6
Belgium flag Belgium Brussels 4 39
Bosnia flag Bosnia Sarajevo Virtual 2 6
Bulgaria flag Bulgaria Sofia Virtual 2 6
Croatia flag Croatia Zagreb Virtual 2 6
Cyprus flag Cyprus Nicosia Virtual 2 6
Czech Republic flag Czech Republic Prague 7 67
Denmark flag Denmark Copenhagen 12 132
Estonia flag Estonia Tallinn Virtual 2 6
Faroe Islands flag Faroe Islands Torshavn Virtual 2 6
Finland flag Finland Helsinki 7 91
France flag France 26 518
France Marseille 2 18
France Paris 24 500
Germany flag Germany Virtual 35 613
Germany Berlin 17 169
Germany Frankfurt 8 364
Germany Frankfurt Virtual (Canada) 4 32
Germany Frankfurt Virtual (United States) 6 48
Gibraltar flag Gibraltar Catalan Virtual 2 6
Greece flag Greece Athens Virtual 2 6
Greenland flag Greenland Ilulissat Virtual 2 6
Hungary flag Hungary Budapest 8 88
Iceland flag Iceland Reykjavik 2 27
Ireland flag Ireland Dublin 9 82
Italy flag Italy Milan 10 135
Latvia flag Latvia Riga 4 32
Liechtenstein flag Liechtenstein Vaduz Virtual 2 6
Lithuania flag Lithuania Virtual 4 32
Lithuania Siauliai Virtual 2 6
Lithuania Vilnius 2 26
Luxembourg flag Luxembourg Luxembourg 3 39
Macedonia flag Macedonia Skopje Virtual 2 6
Malta flag Malta Cospicua Virtual 2 6
Moldova flag Moldova Chisinau Virtual 2 6
Monaco flag Monaco Monaco Virtual 2 6
Montenegro flag Montenegro Becici Virtual 2 6
Netherlands flag Netherlands Virtual 7 129
Netherlands Amsterdam 5 113
Netherlands Amsterdam Virtual (United States) 2 16
Norway flag Norway Oslo 14 210
Poland flag Poland Warsaw 6 66
Portugal flag Portugal Leiria 9 119
Romania flag Romania Bucharest Virtual 2 6
Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre Virtual 2 6
San Marino flag San Marino San Marino Virtual 2 6
Serbia flag Serbia Belgrade Virtual 2 6
Slovakia flag Slovakia Bratislava Virtual 2 6
Slovenia flag Slovenia Vrhnika Virtual 2 6
Spain flag Spain 21 230
Spain Barcelona 8 88
Spain Madrid 13 142
Svalbard and Jan Mayen flag Svalbard and Jan Mayen Longyearbyen Virtual 2 6
Sweden flag Sweden Stockholm 13 104
Switzerland flag Switzerland Zurich 6 69
Turkey flag Turkey Istanbul 3 39
Ukraine flag Ukraine Virtual 4 36
Ukraine Kyiv Virtual 2 30
Ukraine Odessa Virtual 2 6
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Virtual 26 511
United Kingdom Donkey Town Virtual 2 20
United Kingdom Glasgow 11 143
United Kingdom London 9 336
United Kingdom London Virtual (Portugal) 2 6
United Kingdom London Virtual (United States) 2 6
Vatican flag Vatican Vatican City Virtual 2 6


The number of HideMyAss! servers in Oceania is 59 and covers 22 countries.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
American Samoa flag American Samoa Pago Pago Virtual 2 6
Australia flag Australia 15 166
Australia Melbourne 10 110
Australia Perth 3 33
Australia Sydney 2 23
Christmas Island flag Christmas Island Flying Fish Cove Virtual 2 6
Cocos Islands flag Cocos Islands West Island Virtual 2 6
Cook Islands flag Cook Islands Avarua Virtual 2 6
Fiji flag Fiji Nadi Virtual 2 6
Guam flag Guam Tamuning Virtual 2 6
Kiribati flag Kiribati Umwa Village Virtual 2 6
Nauru flag Nauru Anabar Virtual 2 6
New Caledonia flag New Caledonia Noumea Virtual 2 6
New Zealand flag New Zealand Auckland 4 44
Niue flag Niue Alofi Virtual 2 6
Norfolk Island flag Norfolk Island Kingston Virtual 2 6
Palau flag Palau Melekeok Virtual 2 6
Papua New Guinea flag Papua New Guinea Alotau Virtual 2 6
Pitcairn Islands flag Pitcairn Islands Adamstown Virtual 2 6
Samoa flag Samoa Matatufu Virtual 2 6
Solomon Islands flag Solomon Islands Honiara Virtual 2 6
Tokelau flag Tokelau Atafu Virtual 2 6
Tonga flag Tonga Nukualofa Virtual 2 6
Tuvalu flag Tuvalu Vaitupu Virtual 2 6
Vanuatu flag Vanuatu Loltong Virtual 2 6


The HMA server list in Asia currently stands at 127 in 47 countries.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Afghanistan flag Afghanistan Kabul Virtual 2 6
Armenia flag Armenia Tsaghkadzor Virtual 2 6
Azerbaijan flag Azerbaijan Qusar Virtual 2 6
Bahrain flag Bahrain Manama Virtual 2 6
Bangladesh flag Bangladesh Dhaka Virtual 2 6
Bhutan flag Bhutan Thimphu Virtual 2 6
Brunei flag Brunei Jerudong Virtual 2 6
Cambodia flag Cambodia Phnom Penh Virtual 2 6
China flag China Beijing Virtual 4 12
Georgia flag Georgia Tbilisi Virtual 2 6
India flag India Mumbai Virtual 2 6
Indonesia flag Indonesia Jakarta Virtual 2 6
Iran flag Iran Isfahan Virtual 2 6
Iraq flag Iraq Baghdad Virtual 2 6
Israel flag Israel Tel Aviv 4 44
Japan flag Japan Tokyo 4 41
Jordan flag Jordan Amman Virtual 2 6
Kazakhstan flag Kazakhstan Shymkent Virtual 2 6
Kuwait flag Kuwait Kuwait City Virtual 2 6
Kyrgyzstan flag Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Virtual 2 6
Laos flag Laos Thakhek Virtual 2 6
Lebanon flag Lebanon Beirut Virtual 2 6
Macau flag Macau Macau Virtual 2 6
Malaysia flag Malaysia Johor Bahru 4 54
Maldives flag Maldives Male Virtual 2 6
Mongolia flag Mongolia Suhbaatar Virtual 2 6
Myanmar flag Myanmar Yangon Virtual 2 6
Nepal flag Nepal Janakpur Virtual 2 6
North Korea flag North Korea Manpo Virtual 2 6
Oman flag Oman Salalah Virtual 2 6
Pakistan flag Pakistan Karachi Virtual 2 6
Palestine flag Palestine Bethlehem Virtual 2 6
Philippines flag Philippines Baguio Virtual 4 11
Qatar flag Qatar Doha Virtual 2 6
Saudi Arabia flag Saudi Arabia Riyadh Virtual 2 6
Singapore flag Singapore Virtual 19 289
Singapore Singapore 5 65
Singapore Singapore Virtual (France) 2 32
Singapore Singapore Virtual (Germany) 2 32
Singapore Singapore Virtual (United Kingdom) 4 64
Singapore Singapore Virtual (United States) 6 96
South Korea flag South Korea Seoul 6 66
Sri Lanka flag Sri Lanka Moratuwa Virtual 2 6
Syria flag Syria Ad Darah Virtual 2 6
Taiwan flag Taiwan Taipei 4 44
Tajikistan flag Tajikistan Dushanbe Virtual 2 6
Thailand flag Thailand Bangkok Virtual 2 6
Turkmenistan flag Turkmenistan Ashgabat Virtual 2 6
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates Dubai Virtual 2 6
Uzbekistan flag Uzbekistan Samarkand Virtual 2 6
Vietnam flag Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Virtual 2 6
Yemen flag Yemen Sanaa Virtual 2 6

Central America

HideMyAss has 14 servers in 7 countries in Central America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Belize flag Belize Belize City Virtual 2 6
Costa Rica flag Costa Rica San Jos� Virtual 2 6
El Salvador flag El Salvador San Miguel Virtual 2 6
Guatemala flag Guatemala Guatemala City Virtual 2 6
Honduras flag Honduras Tegucigalpa Virtual 2 6
Nicaragua flag Nicaragua Managua Virtual 2 6
Panama flag Panama Panama City Virtual 2 6

South America

There are 51 HMA servers across 13 countries in South America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Argentina flag Argentina Buenos Aires Virtual 2 6
Bolivia flag Bolivia Santa Cruz Virtual 2 6
Brazil flag Brazil Virtual 27 363
Brazil S�o Paulo 25 333
Brazil S�o Paulo Virtual (United States) 2 30
Chile flag Chile Santiago Virtual 2 6
Colombia flag Colombia San Andres Virtual 2 6
Ecuador flag Ecuador Quito Virtual 2 6
Falkland Islands flag Falkland Islands Stanley Virtual 2 6
Guyana flag Guyana Barima-Waini Virtual 2 6
Paraguay flag Paraguay Boqueron Virtual 2 6
Peru flag Peru Cusco Virtual 2 6
Suriname flag Suriname Paramaribo Virtual 2 6
Uruguay flag Uruguay Montevideo Virtual 2 6
Venezuela flag Venezuela Caracas Virtual 2 6


HideMyAss has a total of 44 servers in 22 Caribbean countries.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Anguilla flag Anguilla The Valley Virtual 2 6
Antigua and Barbuda flag Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s Virtual 2 6
Aruba flag Aruba Palm Beach Virtual 2 6
Bahamas flag Bahamas Freeport Virtual 2 6
Barbados flag Barbados Worthing Virtual 2 6
Bermuda flag Bermuda Hamilton Virtual 2 6
British Virgin Islands flag British Virgin Islands Tortola Virtual 2 6
Cayman Islands flag Cayman Islands Spot Bay Virtual 2 6
Cuba flag Cuba Havana Virtual 2 6
Dominica flag Dominica Marigot Virtual 2 6
Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic Punta Cana Virtual 2 6
Grenada flag Grenada Saint George Virtual 2 6
Guadeloupe flag Guadeloupe Le Gosier Virtual 2 6
Haiti flag Haiti Cap-Haitien Virtual 2 6
Jamaica flag Jamaica Montego Bay Virtual 2 6
Montserrat flag Montserrat Plymouth Virtual 2 6
Puerto Rico flag Puerto Rico San Juan Virtual 2 6
Saint Kitts and Nevis flag Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre Virtual 2 6
Saint Lucia flag Saint Lucia Gros Islet Virtual 2 6
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines flag Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown Virtual 2 6
Trinidad and Tobago flag Trinidad and Tobago San Fernando Virtual 2 6
Turks and Caicos flag Turks and Caicos Balfour Town Virtual 2 6


HMA has 116 servers in a massive 53 countries in Africa.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers Number of IPs
Algeria flag Algeria Annaba Virtual 2 6
Angola flag Angola Luanda Virtual 2 6
Benin flag Benin Cotonou Virtual 2 6
Botswana flag Botswana Gaborone Virtual 2 6
Burkina Faso flag Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Virtual 2 6
Burundi flag Burundi Bujumbura Virtual 2 6
Cameroon flag Cameroon Yaounde Virtual 2 6
Cape Verde flag Cape Verde Cidade Velha Virtual 2 6
Central African Republic flag Central African Republic Bangassou Virtual 2 6
Chad flag Chad N’Djamena Virtual 2 6
Comoros flag Comoros Ouani Virtual 2 6
Congo flag Congo Kinshasa Virtual 2 6
Cote d'Ivoire flag Cote d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro Virtual 2 6
Egypt flag Egypt Cairo Virtual 2 6
Equatorial Guinea flag Equatorial Guinea Malabo Virtual 2 6
Eritrea flag Eritrea Asmara Virtual 2 6
Eswatini flag Eswatini Manzini Virtual 2 6
Ethiopia flag Ethiopia Gondar Virtual 2 6
Gabon flag Gabon Libreville Virtual 2 6
Gambia flag Gambia Serekunda Virtual 2 6
Ghana flag Ghana Accra Virtual 2 6
Guinea flag Guinea Conakry Virtual 2 6
Guinea-Bissau flag Guinea-Bissau Bissau Virtual 2 6
Kenya flag Kenya Nairobi Virtual 2 6
Lesotho flag Lesotho Peka Virtual 2 6
Liberia flag Liberia Monrovia Virtual 2 6
Libya flag Libya Ghadames Virtual 2 6
Madagascar flag Madagascar Antsiranana Virtual 2 6
Malawi flag Malawi Lilongwe Virtual 2 6
Mali flag Mali Bamako Virtual 2 6
Mauritania flag Mauritania Nouakchott Virtual 2 6
Mauritius flag Mauritius Port Louis Virtual 2 6
Morocco flag Morocco Fes Virtual 2 6
Mozambique flag Mozambique Pemba Virtual 2 6
Namibia flag Namibia Windhoek Virtual 2 6
Niger flag Niger Niamey Virtual 2 6
Nigeria flag Nigeria Lagos Virtual 2 6
Republic of Djibouti flag Republic of Djibouti Djibouti Virtual 2 6
Republic of the Congo flag Republic of the Congo Brazzaville Virtual 2 6
Rwanda flag Rwanda Kigali Virtual 2 6
Saint Helena flag Saint Helena Tristan da Cunha Virtual 2 6
Sao Tome and Principe flag Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome Virtual 2 6
Senegal flag Senegal Dakar Virtual 2 6
Sierra Leone flag Sierra Leone Freetown Virtual 2 6
Somalia flag Somalia Afgooye Virtual 2 6
South Africa flag South Africa Virtual 12 179
South Africa Johannesburg 4 59
South Africa Johannesburg Virtual (Canada) 2 30
South Africa Johannesburg Virtual (France) 2 30
South Africa Johannesburg Virtual (United Kingdom) 2 30
South Africa Johannesburg Virtual (United States) 2 30
Sudan flag Sudan Khartoum Virtual 2 6
Tanzania flag Tanzania Arusha Virtual 2 6
Togo flag Togo Lome Virtual 2 6
Tunisia flag Tunisia Mahdia Virtual 2 6
Uganda flag Uganda Kampala Virtual 2 6
Zambia flag Zambia Lusaka Virtual 2 6
Zimbabwe flag Zimbabwe Harare Virtual 2 6


If all you care about is speed and having a server that can be accessed from anywhere, then HMA is the perfect choice for you. However, if privacy is a major concern for you, it would be wise to carefully review their data collection policies. HMA is completely transparent about what information they collect and how long they keep it, which deserves praise. They do collect a time stamp of your connection, your actual IP address, the IP address of the server you connect to, as well as your username. To be honest, this is not very different from what their competitors do. The main difference is that HMA retains this information for up to 3 months, whereas other companies dispose of it almost immediately.

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